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Launch your Business into the Realm of Innovation

Our mission is to help you take control of your business data and make it work for you. We do this by automating your workflows and giving you powerful data and visual insights.


Success Story

"Smartsheet provides a complete 360-degree view. We can track issues, manage quality, and simplify resourcing. It has evolved into a tool we cannot do without."

Adri Erasmus - Director of the Project Management and Operations team at Bioforum

Helping businesses operate more efficiently and effectively.

Rocket uses a combination of Smartsheet, Rocket Dashboards and Mission Control to empower your digital transformation, blending digital and physical processes with user experience.


Smartsheet is used to structure and automate data by assigning tasks, tracking progress, resource management etc. Rocket Dashboard is the visual interface, with customizable widgets. Through superior collaboration, flexibility and customization, you are able to grow and scale your business at the pace you determine.


As a Smartsheet Gold Partner, Rocket Business Solutions is a licensed reseller of Smartsheet licenses. Our offerings include Smartsheet Core licenses and all Smartsheet Premium Apps, such as Smartsheet Control Center and Resource Management and our own inhouse cloud-base data visualization solution Rocket Dashboards and Mission Control a game-changing, revolutionary tool that greatly enhances the functionality and efficiency of Smartsheet

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“The use of Smartsheet and Rocket Dashboards has positively transformed our entire business model. We have complete adoption of the technology from individual projects through programmes to running all our business operations. Through this we are able to impress our clients with the visualisation of project performance, thereby further enhancing our services offering. And we are continuously excited by exploring the new features and products introduced which always seem to add value”

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