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Smartsheet Dynamic View

Dynamic View enables Smartsheet users to control who sees which information within the sheet. This feature enables users to selectively share relevant data with the right people while keeping confidential or sensitive information hidden from those who don't need to see it. This powerful feature provides the flexibility to manage critical processes across teams or organizations with confidence.

With Dynamic View, users can filter and sort data based on specific criteria, such as date ranges, keywords, or status. They can also group data by specific columns, such as by project or by team member, to see a summary of the data and quickly identify patterns or trends.

Additionally, Dynamic View allows users to create and save multiple views of their data, so they can easily switch between different perspectives on the same data set. It's also possible to share the dynamic views with others, giving them the ability to filter and sort the data as well.

Dynamic View also enables users to create pivot tables, which allow them to summarize and analyze large amounts of data quickly and easily. Pivot tables allow users to group data by specific columns and calculate summary statistics, such as sums, averages, and counts.


Data access governance

Protect sensitive information with identity or condition-based access control

Key Features


Simplified views

Simplify and accelerate collaboration by emphasizing only critical, relevant information.


In-context guidance

Lead users through a multi-step process with clear guidance and guardrails.

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