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How does Rocket integrate with my data?

We use Smartsheet to capture, structure and manage your data. From here we create visual dashboards for enhanced decision making.

Will I lose control of my business data?

No, you remain in control of your business data throughout the process and beyond. Rocket builds the solution via your own business licenses to ensure a direct line of data security.

Why do I need to structure my data?

In today’s fast-paced, global economy, companies must become data-driven in order to survive. By organising, processing, and analyzing data in real-time as it flows through the business you can make better decisions, operate more efficiently, and remain competitive.

Are solutions customisable?

Yes, all our solutions are customisable to suit your business’s specific requirements and trajectory.

Can I manage my data independently after solutions are implemented?

Yes, after our solutions have been implemented, you have the tools and power to continue data management and grow to infinity and beyond!


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