Crossing the Rubicon in 2021

It is the year 2021 and there is a significant chance that customers have crossed the Rubicon while Covid-confused companies still had their masks over their eyes in a frenzy to adapt to an intricate new world of digitalisation demands.

Is this a problem you face? Or have you automated your workflow to conquer the mighty Rubicon and adjust your mask to protect both yourself and your company’s future income?

In this era of fluid circumstances one needs to assess accurately, adjust with agility, and meet your customers where you can serve them well. Reward their loyalty. One needs a sound business solution that builds on your past success, integrates with cutting-edge innovation, and empowers you with sustainable, efficient, and affordable control over your data for optimised utilisation and improved decision-making.

A brand-new way of conducting business has morphed into existence and while, according to McKinsey & Company, one can adapt and increase your teams’ productivity by up to 30% with online collaboration you still need a reliable, customized platform to offer a single source of truth to your collective workforce to operate from.

There is a strong movement in the construction industry, amongst others, towards digital transformation to enable increased tracking of progress and resource management. It will not be surprising if a company’s ability to digitally adapt becomes a key strategic criterion in awarding future contracts. Automated workflow, project collaboration and custom progress dashboards slowly become the new necessity to bridging the challenges of remote work in a socially distancing world. Though this might have been interpreted as a luxury or short-term solution to Covid-19 restrictions, the ultimate benefits just persuade one that digitalising is the answer and now is a great time to embrace this powerful business tool to your own advantage. Rocket Business Solutions has become an expert in digitally enhanced solutions and has had the historical benefit of refining our product and services for the past 8 years to offer you ease and peace of mind.

Rocket Business Solutions (Rocket) has helped companies accurately identify their company’s digitalisation requirements, integrate their existing data with the forefront of secure technologically advanced systems to enable effortless collaboration, progress, and timesaving automated workflow solutions. As Smartsheet’s Gold Partner in Africa, Rocket confidently offers a simplified business solution with the benefit of world-renowned Smartsheet support.

In the year 2021 you do not need to ask “if” anymore, it is only “when” will we welcome you to the platform of success?

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